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Kennels That Keep Pets Cool!

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Air Conditioned Dog Kennels For Sale In AZ

Looking for Air Conditioned Pet Kennels in Arizona? Let us show you the Best Way to keep your pets cool during the hot summer months. We specialize in installing kennels for dogs and cats with evaperative coolers and air conditioning. Our outdoor pet kennels can be installed within 5 weeks after we receive your deposit. We can accommodate all types, sizes, tastes and breeds. The interior of our A/C kennels are insullated to keep dogs and cats cool during the hot summer months of Arizona. This allows you to keep pets outdoors without worrying about their, comfort, safety, and wel being. We offer a wide array of Air Conditioned Kennels and Dog Houses. We offer premium accommodations for the most discriminating tastes. We install kennels with swamp coolers or air conditioners throughout the entire Southern Arizona area including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Anthem, New River, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Peoria, Cave Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Buckeye, and ALL other areas of Maricopa County. We install air conditioned dog houses and pet kennels for sale in gated communities, ranches, townhomes, condos with patios, apartments and Million Dollar Homes in AZ! Our Air Conditioned Pet Kennels Set The Standard for Excellence. Our pet containment systems are Second to None! Let us design for you a unique and distinctive home for your pets that you can be proud of for years to come. We install custom build dog kennels that are air conditioned for any size or breed. Our Air Conditioned pet kennels and dog houses are Exclusive Designs Not Found Elsewhere.

Kennels That Keep Pets Cool

Kennels with Evaperative Coolers installed In Arizona!
AZ Evaperative Cooler kennels Installed.

It's NO Secret that the Arizona desert experiences 4 months of BRUTAL HEAT Every Year! Temperatures in the Phoenix Metro area can reach 120 degrees. This may be uncomfortable for humans who run from an air conditioned house to an air conditioned car but extreme temperatures can be brutal for pets even if they are shaded. Our predator proof Air Conditioned pet kennels are Not Cheap!
Since 2004 we have developed proprietary designs, methods, and techniques with your petís wellbeing as our utmost focus and concern. We use the strongest, heaviest steel available. You can not find better quality pet kennels and dog runs, and pet containment systems anywhere. We try to hire American VETS that are certified welders. Installation of air conditioned or pet kennels with evaperative coolers in Arizona including areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Cave Creek, Care Free, Anthem, Paradise Valley, and many other areas of AZ! We build and install kennels for ALL TYPES OF PETS from Large Aggressive Dogs to Small Chiguaguas, puppies, and Cats. Please feel FREE to bookmark our   CONTACT US   page if you have questions regarding our air conditioned dog kennels or evaperative cooled pet containment systems.

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We are the ONLY Arizona company that offers custom built pet kennels for sale. We fabricate from welded steel many unique and beautiful enclosures for All Breeds of Dogs and Cats that all have distinctly different characteristics. If you are looking for the best quality kennels for dogs or other pet enclosures in your townhouse patio, or small back yard call us for a FREE ESTIMATE at (520) 730-7020.   This is the "Go TO" website for the BEST QUALITY DOG KENNELS on the market. We build, fabricate, sell and install Arizona kennels for every taste.

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